How to find Villa Plots in 2020 Definitive Guide

The definitive guide to finding affordable, ready-to-build residential lands in no timeLuxurious Villa Plots by

With urbanization increasing rapidly at a rate of 34% annually, did you know that more number of people are turning towards residing in peaceful villa plots?

The idea of living in a calm and comfortable environment over largely-cluttered apartments comes off as a dream too good to be true.

You can make that dream come true!

Using this blog, you will learn how to find the most valuable plots for your new luxury dream home. You will be more than well-equipped to search for cost-efficient, well- laid out plots located in fast-growing suburban areas, in no time.

Here is my step-by-step guide for you to become your own property broker!


  1. What is Classified as a Villa Plot
  2. Must have amenities
  3. Understanding the Cost and Investment
  4. Choosing the Perfect Location
  5. Finding and Comparing Plots
  6. Conclusion

So let’s dive in!


A villa is popularly known as a large detached structure built amidst a spacious land that’s surrounded by various infrastructural amenities. It is generally more luxurious when compared to flats, apartments, or regular independent houses. They are usually located in well-laid-out gated communities providing the best residential experience, setting a great example for a modern community living.

Villas are built in pre-demarcated plots. They usually have two or more floors.

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Finding the most suitable villa plot for your new family home is a long process, I’m here to help you consider all the important factors while searching for your luxurious dream house.

These are some must-have infrastructural pointers that you can’t avoid considering while hunting for plots.

  • Uninterrupted Electricity and Water Supply

The last thing you want after settling into a perfect home is to have hours of waiting on hold to get in contact with the EB and Water Board. While looking for your plot, be sure to check that it is located in a place that has 24×7 supply of both clean water and electricity.

A good way to double-check would be to find out from the residents living in and around the plot.

  • Clubs & Internal Facilities

Nobody wants to spend their New Year’s Eve all alone, you’d much rather join with a bunch of people and participate in the Villa Society’s grand celebrations! Clubs and recreational facilities are an integral part of our social quality of living. While looking for plots in gated communities, there is no harm in checking about the happening of such social activities. This will only be another aspect of worth for your investment.

  • Children’s Play Area

Most gated communities today have two or more assigned areas for children to play around in. When searching for a well-rounded home for your family, make sure to choose a plot that is amidst such facilities.

  • Pool and Other Amenities 

Let’s face it, villas are comparatively bigger investments and when you are willing to make way for such a price, you deserve the best of the luxurious amenities! Plots in Gated Communities today mostly come surrounded with a grand Club House that typically include a swimming pool, parks, badminton/tennis courts, Indoor games, Gym, Multi-purpose area, and so on.

Remember that all of these are your price’s worth, and therefore must have amenities when considering purchasing a villa plot.

Make sure to list at least 5-6 amenities that you require for your ideal standard of living, and filter your search accordingly. 

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On an average, land in India is said to cost Rs. 20,00,000 per acre. This will definitely vary between cities, amenities, the builder, whether the plot is located in a growing suburban area, etc.

For example, Mantri Hills in Bangalore have premium villa plots starting from Rs. 23.88 Lakhs, considering that this is an integrated township with several amenities and that it is located in a metropolitan city.

In order to get the most valuable cost solution, you’re going to have to compare the prices simultaneously. Here’s a simple tool for you to do that in one go–

The above link is a resource to find Rates and Trends for various residential lands across the country. You may customize and search for the city and locality you wish to own a residential plot in, check and compare the rates to make an informed decision.


 Now that you have zeroed down on your necessary amenities and price range- choosing the perfect location to purchase your plot in will be a child’s play.

You need to keep in mind that the location has well-maintained connectivity to the following:

  • 24×7 Medical Assistance 

It is always wise to be vigilant assuming cases of emergencies. Try not to find a plot that’s too isolated from hospitals or medical facilities.

  • Schools/ Colleges

When searching for a plot to build your perfect family home, it is always an added benefit if there are educational facilities accessible in and around the plot. It saves time, energy, and the cost of transportation.

  • Metro/ Bus Facilities

Although locating a plot that is near a metro or a bus station might cause a crowded area, it is never too bad to have transportation connectivity accessible from where you live.

Some people might recommend you to zero down on your location as your first step, but it all comes down to what you prioritize more.

Once you’ve prioritized such necessities and your optimum price range, finding the right location to own a plot will not be that difficult.

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Today there are various resources on the internet to find plots sitting in the comfort of your home. It not only saves you the trouble of coordinating with a broker, but it also helps give you a detailed comparative analysis while making such an important life- decision.

Here are some popular websites that list out various villa plots for sale:

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Purchasing a plot to build a new home is always an intimidating decision to make. You will have to consider factors from every angle while planning for your future home. Through this step-by-step guide, you learned what needs to prioritize and how to keep in mind these needs while searching for plots. There is no hard and fast rule as to this is how your priority amenities must be or a specific order of contents to follow while searching, it all comes down to your ideal standard of living and comfort priorities.

I hope you find your most suitable plots with state-of-the-art amenities, and make your dream home come true!

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